Investing & Storage

The classic era for collectable watches with investment appeal began in the 1950’s but only the best watches increase in value over time. Luxury investment watches are expected to appreciate around 55% over 10 years so be sure you make the right choice.

There are many things to consider while shopping for an investment watch, including brand and materials. Materials like gold and platinum are more desirable, and therefore more likely to cause a watch to appreciate in value. Buyers should also consider the age and condition of a watch. In some cases, the specific history and previous owners of an individual item can greatly affect its value, while even a few slight scratches can cause depreciation. It is also essential that any watch purchased as an investment is accompanied by the relevant packaging, certificates and paperwork.

Once you’ve purchased your watch, how it is stored is vitality important to help ensure it maintains quality of appearance and movement. For larger collections security of storage is also very important.

Whether you own just a single time piece or a whole collection, are looking to invest in your first watch or have funds available to invest in a number of watches, using my international network and knowledge, am able to provide advice on many options regarding storage and investing.

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